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Posted by Magnet on June 28, 2016

At the 2016 Dubai Lynx festival we ran a competition to find the most creative doodle on a napkin. Some of the best ideas and stories in history had humble beginnings on the back of a napkin. The winner was announed as Nabil Khoury as although there was tough competition, the judges were really impressed with his creativity. The first prize was a trip to Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity and Nabil is currently having a blast on his trip!

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Posted by Luke Morris on July 3, 2016

As a first time Cannes goer, it was with great anticipation that I arrived to be part of the industry's pinnacle on its glittering calendar. I had always followed this festival with great interest as last year Magnet was part of a serious winning combination with our friends at Geometry Dubai. So it's a place that automatically has good memories. What's the Hype? What is this place and why are all these people here ? Hopefully I will be able to shed some light on that...

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Posted by Nick Davidson on June 21, 2016


Shooting with eyes in the back of your head.

 Our recent investment in the new Nokia OZO 360º Stereoscopic camera offers both exciting opportunities for immersive storytelling and content. In addition to filming full 360º, the OZO is able to film in stereoscopic 3D, creating a much more fully immersive experience. However, creating 360º content can also present some creative and technical challenges in both production and post-production.

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